Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sex Snapshot 9: Two Fingers

Gliadin. July, 2013. Concrete Kitten x Alveoli Photography
Sometimes I feel like this woman, with a diaphanous, hazy cocoon separating me from sensations. I'm trying to burst forth. Trying to feel something without the dull film enrobing me. She's beautiful and wanting, just like me.

We lay there engulfed in the darkness. Trailing my fingers along his arm I whispered, "I might want you to fuck me a little bit."

I haven't said words like that in months. I haven't felt that stirring in months. My head was thick with images, indulgent sex, bodies twisted around each other. And the desire began slowly bubbling up from a deep reservoir. In the quiet and dark we pulled our clothes off, pressing skin to skin, his heat against my coolness.

My leg wrapped around him, feeling the heavy warmth of his cock as I clutched against him. His fingers running through the tuft between my legs, finding me open and wet and hungry for him. Two fingers inside me, two fingers pinching my nipple until I moaned. Two fingers and my thumb wrapped around his cock, smoothing over the silky skin and the taut head.

I pushed the fear from my thoughts as he pushed into me, stretching my cunt that's been unexplored for these long months. Tight, clenching, nervous. Can a pussy be nervous? With a slow press forward he found his way into me, and I found my way home. Nerves gone, instinct and physical memories took over as we moved together, deep and low and slow. Long, languid strokes as we pinched and kissed and nipped each other's flesh. Quiet filth whispered into each other's ears, words of wanting, longing, and desperation.

I felt him grow harder, splitting my taut flesh. I begged for release. Two fingers on my clit. Powerful clenches, restrained whimpers, gooseflesh.

Am I a butterfly now, reborn from transformation once again?

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