Friday, September 27, 2013

Where Does Desire Go?

Photo courtesy of Don't I Wish
It was there for so long, barely concealed under the surface. I hardly had to think of something sensual or read a line or glance at an image and my panties would become damp, my breath a little short. A breeze across my arm raising goosebumps was enough to remind me of what had happened the night before, the hour before, and my nipples would follow, rising hard and tight and straining against the armor of my modest bra.

And then one day I'm wearing a 10-year old grotty t-shirt and full-length pajama bottoms instead of a silk cami and thigh-high leg warmers. And then one day when he rolls over to spoon me I clutch the covers more tightly and don't respond his touch.

When did the desire go? Because I don't remember seeing it pack up and slam the door behind it. I had the first orgasm I've had in about a month the other day. It was on my own, and I did it because I felt that I should, not because I wanted to. Something about getting back on the horse.


  1. I'm hoping the orgasm will inspire the desire, since the other way around isn't there quite yet

  2. 'Life' sometimes just has the ability to get in the way... we worry about things we shouldn't worry about...

    I hope for your 'recovery'... ;oD


  3. I've been gone for a minute so I'm catching up on my blog reading. I couldn't pass this up without commenting... Desire doesn't go away, it's put on the back burner for what ever good or bad reason. We take our cars to the car wash because its dirty, and stay in line for what ever time it takes. We dash to store to get manliness things for our kids. We eat because we can't do without food. Desire, well, it can wait tell tomorrow when we have more time. If we pay attention to our desire, we would realize it never left. We just look past it thinking we can live without it. But we really can't, not without destroying our relationship.. In silence, one or both parties suffer for the lack of desire.


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