Monday, February 25, 2013

Dirty Hot

When our day of good coffee, good conversation, a big lunch and a lazy walk turned from just cold to bitter, windy, and snowing, we packed it in and headed back home. I clicked on the kettle and made a pot of tea to warm us up while we laughed and recapped our day, watching the snow fall In the courtyard.

Tea gave way to reading, which gave way to napping, as it so often does on gray, wintry afternoons. Soon he was snoring lightly next to me, bundled under the duvet in the slightly chilly room. I found myself reading a dirty, hot vignette about hard, rough sex, with a little biting thrown in for good measure. I'd been thinking about getting naked under the covers next to him, and once I'd gotten a third of the way through the paragraph my decision was made.

I pulled off my sweater and my motions woke him. "I was thinking about getting mostly naked under here with you." A broad grin stretched across his face, "Yes, please." I pulled my bra off and his hands were on my tits straight away, pinching and rolling my nipples til they were tight and hard. I pulled away to slip off my pants, giving him a chance to catch up and get naked with me. Suddenly we were entwined and kissing and I was aching with desire for him.

He stroked two fingers over my pussy, his light touch causing me to gasp. What started as a tickle gave way to a caress that elicited a clench deep inside. Slowly he worked his fingers between my lips, pressing into my flesh to feel the warm and wet slickness he caused. I barely opened my legs as he stroked against me, finally bringing his fingers to my clit. His slow tease intensified my desire, my reactions, and the clench deep inside until I no longer wanted the restraint. Opening wide for him, he locked my right knee under his leg, preventing me from closing up even if I wanted to, and the orgasm rolled through me as I dug my fingers into his skin.

He gave me orgasm after delicious orgasm until I begged him to put something inside me, anything, as long as it was him. He obliged with his fingers and I was fucking him before he could fuck me. I rolled to my knees and took his cock in my mouth while he sunk his fingers deep into me again, watching me writhe and grind on him in the mirror. I pulled my mouth from his erection long enough to look over my shoulder and see his hand teasing my slick and swollen cunt, my pussy and ass fully exposed, allowing him to watch his handiwork as I pleasured him.

Before I could do much more he rolled me over and slid his spit-wet cock deep inside me and fucked me deep and hard. I wanted him so badly, wanted to swallow, devour, inhale, absorb him. I bit at his shoulder, his ear, his chest. He bit at mine, and when we switched places so I could ride him, control him, he spanked me, making up reasons to treat me like the bad girl he needed me to be. And and after he came inside me, groaning and shivering as I slowly contracted around him, he gave me the final orgasm of the day, so deep and long and powerful I felt drained and exhilarated all at once.

Thank you, anonymous writer, for making me want to get naked.


  1. Thanks Anonymous Writer, for inspiring you to write a quick and sexy moment for me!

    1. I wish I could remember where the original read came from!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a PERFECT day!!

  3. That looks like a real good fucking session!


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