Monday, December 3, 2012

Take Two

Photo courtesy of B&W Erotic

I have fantasies about multiple cocks. Mostly about having multiple cocks inside me at once. All orifices filled. I don't think about it that often, but when I do I have a full-blown vision, down to the the details of the room where it would happen--the bed cover, the draperies, the carpet on the floor. It's an exhibitionist's dream. I haven't gone there. I don't know if I ever will. But once, at least, I've felt something close to it.


Everything was carefully arranged--the pillow at the edge of the bed to place under my hips, the lube staged on the nightstand, a packet of wipes at the ready, and my pretty new hot pink Lelo vibe. I don't know where the big purple dildo came from, but it turns out he had that ready, too.

I run the curved tip of the vibe over my clit, its medium speed offering a pleasant hum. The vibrations are good, but the expectation I feel as he drips lube over his fingers revs me harder than the most powerful Hitachi could: those fingers are preparing to sink into my darkest hole. The thought of having my ass filled causes my cunt to bloom and swell, and my juices gather, ready to spill. He traces my crack, running those slick fingers over my hole, pressing into me lightly, circling my twitching pucker.

Slowly he opens me, my pussy drooling onto his hand as he does. I kind of hate that image, but there's no better way to describe it: the surface tension no longer capable of holding my wetness back, the juices trickle from my pussy as his fingers press deeper. The first push in is always too much. The vibe hums harder. The pleasure mixed with the sting is the hardest part of all; it's the moment I want and dread all mixed up at once. The growing heat and fullness brought on by the persistent hum focuses my attention on the pleasure and away from the sting.

Then he's in and my actions are no longer conscious, but still intentional. He feels me clench around him as the vibe pushes me closer to orgasm. Those tiny, involuntary twitches that happen all the time, but are far more noticeable when the tight ring of my ass rather than the supple glove of my cunt grips his fingers. I'm fucking onto his hand and he knows I'm ready.

Slick and steady he pushes his cock into me, watching my pussy flutter open as he does. A moment later and he's through the initial tightness, stroking into me as I pulse around him. And as he pulls back he brandishes the purple cock. The one that could have been made as replica of his own. The one that's as long and thick and firm as his own erection. With his cockhead still nestled in my ass he slips the purple cock into his mouth, coating it with saliva the same way I do when I give him head. I can't believe he's going to do it.

He positions the new cock at my hole, and he slips it in much too easily. I'm shocked at how wet and open I am, how desperately I want what he's offering. He nudges the base of the dildo just above the base of his cock and pushes both erections into me. He's fucking both my holes. Both. At once. I can't believe it's happening, that it's so easy. That I can take the thickness and length of two cocks into my body at once and scream from pleasure, not agony.

I watch him push into me, really only able to see the purple cock covered in my cream moving in and out. And I slip the vibe back into place. It only takes seconds for me to come and it's like nothing I've ever felt before. I feel the spasms in my ass before I feel the spasms in my cunt, and between the utter fullness and the hum on my clit I come forever. Or so it feels. But he doesn't stop; he just keeps pushing on, pushing me, filling me. And I come again, my ankles pressed hard into his shoulders.

I don't remember now if he came. Or how he came. All I remember is that I was able to take two.


  1. Hot! Lo might be getting that tonight!

  2. Unbelievably hot. Posts like these make us wish you'd never cut back on blogging. Taking two cocks at once is something we fantasize about pretty often, Jill primarily. Can't say whether it'll ever happen with two actual cocks (as opposed to a cock and a toy, which we've managed), but as we continue to expand our playing field we acknowledge that it might.


  3. It's one of my long-standing fantasies and desires as well, and so far has only been managed with cock and toys (although I've had multiple cocks in my cunt and mouth, which has been utterly delightful!). One day ...

    This post was so damned hot, incidentally. The imagery of your pussy overflowing is utterly wonderful.

    xx Dee


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