Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stunt Sex (with Mr. X)

Some time ago I wrote about "stunt sex" when someone asked me if writing this blog had changed or affected our sex life. I defined "stunt sex" as sex had primarily in the interest of blogging about it. Which we don't do. Didn't do. Until now? I'm trying to wrap my head around what has happened.

A couple of weeks ago N created a scenario for D and me, sort of at my behest. I assume I had the option to follow or not follow the instructions as desired. N and I don't have the sort of relationship he has with other women with whom he practices the domination at a distance that I so enjoy reading about on his blog. We've developed a friendship and maybe flirt a little bit, but mostly we bounce writing topics and potential ideas off each other.

But we found the scenario exciting and fun, and who doesn't want an exciting and fun day/night of sex? So we played the game. And it was fun. But it was a little uncomfortable. Partly because I knew people were watching. Which is weird, since apparently I like people watching. But they were watching because, well, we were pulling a stunt.

Now someone else has given me a scenario. Again, one I asked for. But again, one that, honestly, came about solely because our respective sex blogs exist.

I have read Mr. X's The Sex Experiment from the very first post. I came across it because of Fleshbot's True Sex Stories (p.s. tell them you like my stuff, leave comments, ask for more) and was quickly addicted to the secret relationship Mr. X cultivated with his wife. Mind you, this was still a little while before D and I started fucking again. It was definitely around the time I was reading lots and lots of smut.

Since that time, a little over a year ago, I have followed Mr. and Mrs. X's relationship closely. I've read eagerly as their dares have become more daring, and as it seems Mrs. X has figured out who her mystery man is. Though of course she hasn't let on. Who would when you have sex like this inspired by a dare? And when I was contemplating beginning this blog, Mr. X was one of the people I turned to for advice.

A couple months ago, during a flirty Twitter chat, Mr. X asked if I'd be interested in a dare. I just typed date. Yes, a date, too, with him and the Mrs. would be lovely. But I digress. I thought about it for a minute and decided I was game. We discussed some logistics, established some parameters (even dares need to be doable and somewhat realistic), and then I waited.

Oh, it felt like I waited forever. And then finally it arrived in my email. A scary but delightful prospect. And at some point today, I think you'll get to read it, too.

Wanna know what happened next? Check it out.

So I still don't know what to make of it, the fact that I've now agreed to a) allow two men I don't know to create sexual scenarios for us, b) gone through with said scenarios, and c) turned them into blog fodder. It's not the norm, that's for certain. It won't be the norm here, ever. But it was fun to do. As you will come to see.

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  1. Hmm. The feeling I get from you is both fear and exhilaration. Am I right? It should be interesting for you to do and for me as well. :)

  2. We were really hoping this post would be all about sex while parasailing.

    1. Sorry to disappoint. Hopefully the follow up does it for you.

  3. Replies
    1. Seconded. Some bloggers have all the luck.

    2. Was it worth waiting for? Maybe part 2 will do the job.


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