Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For. Play.

We decided to go to a very romantic restaurant to celebrate my birthday. This was back before we were slated to be separated for several weeks, and we'd be apart for the actual blessed day. We don't usually get dressed up to go out, but this was a special occasion. I'd just bought a cool new necklace that I wanted to wear, too, so we spruced up a bit.

Before we walked out the door, D handed me the remote controlled egg vibe and showed me the remote in his palm. "No panties," he said. Yes, I was wearing a damned wrap dress again, OK? It's not like I have a wardrobe full of them, but I've got a few.

Photo courtesy of Mirabilia Images

So I slid the egg in and he decided to test the remote, checking the distance from which it would work. It has multiple settings, speeds, and patterns. The first time we used it was during playtime while D put something else in my ass. I came long and hard, which was a surprise because the vibrations aren't that strong.

We headed out. For the next hour and a half D surprised me with attention from the egg. Though fairly sizable, the bottom curve of it nestled right around my g-spot. The vibrations often felt like more of a tickle than anything else, owing to the fact that he couldn't tell what setting it was on while clicking away in his pocket. He clicked it on a few times while the waiter was table side. He left it on for extended periods of time. He left it off for extended periods of time. Essentially, he teased me mercilessly from afar for nearly 2 hours. Fortunately it was quiet enough that no one else could hear it.

Finally we were on our way back home. I thought I would be super wet from an evening's worth of public foreplay, but I wasn't. Which surprised me. Until we got upstairs and he bent me over the table, lifted my dress and pulled the egg out. Rivulets began to trickle down my thighs. He shoved the egg into my mouth and had me lick the creamy juices off of it. And then he slid into me, pressing my chest into the table.
I sort of have a blank about what followed. I remember it was hot, but I don't remember details. Apart from one of the stones falling out of my brand new necklace as D pushed me into that tabletop.

And for the record, I think there's one more wrap dress story waiting to be told.


  1. We have similar tastes in titles, Liza, and similar tastes in what to do with a table.

  2. Damn, X, I must've had something in my subconscious still! I read the Mona piece a few days ago. She's a character.

  3. You're a character, and incidentally I'm currently obsessed by your new Twitter photo.

  4. Never tried it - but love the idea of that remote egg vibe...

  5. Sophia, we got it as a bonus gift--not something I expected to ever have. It's fun, but not a mainstay ;).


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