Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Times

I've been thinking a lot about first times lately. Recently I remembered the first time my high school boyfriend ate my pussy. That boy had a natural talent! And a beard, which was surprising delightful. Several bearded lovers followed after him.

The other night D and I were telling each other sexy stories from our pasts. It's surprising that through the years we haven't heard them all. He told me about the girl he didn't fuck on spring break, even though she all but threw herself onto his cock.What led up to that made me come twice. I told him about the first time I had a boy-induced orgasm. I'm sure I'll tell you about it sometime, too.

Just because we're older and have been together for umpteen years (I'm not really old enough to say umpteen) doesn't mean that we've exhausted our supply of first times. In the last year D and I have had several first times together, and we're looking forward to many, many more.

What's different about our relationship now is that pretty much nothing is off the table as long as it's with each other. Fantasies are lovely, but for the foreseeable future it's only each other. And that's OK. It's even better than OK. It's amazing. Because I know I can bring something to him that may sound crazy and way beyond the line, wherever the line is at the moment, and we'll find a way to go there together.


  1. So... does that mean girl induced orgasms came first for you? Hm.... I need to hear more.

  2. I love the title of your blog... Have been thinking recently about monogamy... Alot of the sexy blogs I read are about couples who do it with others sometimes... or are single... Its kind of reassuring that there are others out there who are having a 'funky' time with only each other. ; )

  3. Bi_and_Bi, sadly, nope. No girl induced orgasms caused by actual physical contact. Apart from the odd brush, touch, or sloppy kiss, my sexual experience has been hetero--something about which I'm honestly a bit regretful. D knows I feel this way, and he's sympathetic, but for now it's a fantasy only. However, girls on film are a sure thing to get me off.

    Wife, you know how much your blog means to me. We share a lot of similarities in our relationships, and I've been grateful for your thoughts on more than one occasion! I'm glad to add to the pool.


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